Senin, 12 Desember 2016

Callebaut chocolate

During Calgary, gastronomes and chocoholics alike should swing from the home office of Callebaut Chocolate, 1313 1st Street SE, for Canadian chocolates with Old World style. 

Bernard Callebaut was raised in Belgium next door towards the factory where his family were making chocolate to the previous four generations. In 1980, once the family made a decision to sell the Belgian chocolate business to Swiss chocolate giant Suchard Toblerone (they still owned, among other activities, a brewery ), Bernard made a decision to emigrate. 

We wanted to create truly excellent, gourmet chocolate towards the Americas. After touring cities throughout America and Canada, he fell in adore using the mountains and culture of Calgary. There he began anew with Bernard Callebaut chocolates. 

His family was convinced he‘d gone mad, making high-quality chocolates for any people that, generally, wouldn‘t know about the difference between that and paper-wrapped bar coming from the gas station. They had been wrong. The very first day his chocolate shop was open he made £700 and towards the end of his first year in business he‘d made £200, 000. He doubled the following year. 

What‘s his secret, the thing that could get North Americans to pay out more for their delectable treats? There isn‘t any secret. Callebaut is happy to inform people ways to make his chocolates as well as occasionally teaches courses at his Calgary factory and world headquarters. 

The secret is to make use of fresh, organic ingredients with no additives. His chocolates don‘t contain preservatives or vegetable oils. He‘s so open about his methods he even has recipes for many of the things they sell inside the shop posted on his website at www. bernardcallebaut. com. 

At Bernard Callebaut they‘re happy to provide visitors a tour from the factory as long as it‘s arranged beforehand. The tour is great and the very best part is, in fact, the free samples.

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